Did you notice how vet bills are spiralling out of control?

Vets are a godsend. Their skill and dedication know no bounds. However, they must cover their overheads (rent, rates, heating, electricity, cost of tests for animals, surgeries etc.)

So, it stands to reason that they have to pass these costs on to you. And the next time your pet needs medical attention, the cost could be horrific – especially if you don’t have insurance, or your insurance company won’t cover that particular condition.

The challenge also lies in the fact that your pet might fall ill at the weekend, or out of hours, involving the extra cost of an emergency vet. So, it is up to us as owners to take responsibility, and do what we can to

a) Reduce the pain or discomfort that our pet is experiencing, as much as we can ourselves until such time as we can get to the Vet practice; and
b) Possibly reduce the cost of treatment.

Here’s a solution that is helping so many pet owners (and indeed, animal carers, professionals and practitioners are making use of this FREE service). It’s called PetCheckup.

NOTE: Producing the results can take a few minutes, so be patient and do not leave that page.

If you are concerned about your pet, simply enter a few details about them and their condition, and you will be given a list of possible causes (that you may not have thought of, along with the suggested treatments. In other words, there may be something that you can do yourself.

The upside too, is that it may negate the need for expensive tests, overnight stays, and emergency callouts in some cases.

The owner of a dog saw that their pet was suffering from diarrhoea and was often being sick. It was a puzzle, as the dog was fed on regular dog food. He often had titbits from the dinner table (naughty) but it would be chicken, or meat from the casserole etc.

A visit to the vet would involve a checkup, anti-sickness medication, and perhaps blood tests, before putting the pet on a special, expensive diet with ongoing medication – many hundreds of pounds initially, with ongoing monthly costs.

The owner decided to use the free, no strings attached PetCheckup program, and they checked out the Dog Blog. She discovered the cause of the problem – the casserole contained garlic, and as such, the titbits were laced with a substance poisonous to dogs.

Problem solved and the pet recovered quickly, without the need for treatment and diagnosis.

IMPORTANT: As you will see, this is not intended to replace diagnosis and treatment by a professional. Please refer to points a) and b) above for the reasons that this program was created.



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