Four of the Best Blogs for Passionate Horse Owners and Riders


Horses and ponies are way out of our league on this pet’s website. That is being totally honest. So we would like to show you four of the best blogs where experts will take you through every aspect of owning, riding, training and looking after horses and ponies.

You may have heard of some of these experts before. If not, you are in for a real treat! Hundreds of videos, articles, tips etc., for you to plunder and gleam the most valuable information from – and when you visit just one of these blogs, you will respect the fact that we have handed this section over to people who are experts in their field, and who can give this topic the justice that it deserves.

So here we go:

Four of the Best Blogs – Horse Class

Horse Class is an educational platform for riders of all levels. As a personal project, Callie King started making horse riding vlogs and blog posts, which have now grown into a worldwide community of instructors and students dedicated to improving their horsemanship skills.

Since she started her horse vlog in 2012, Callie’s videos have garnered over 13.5 million views! Her content focuses on training tips when working with your horse that can be applied to a variety of disciplines.

As a riding instructor, Callie teaches online and in-person to students throughout 41 countries. She bases her approach to horses on science and considers the horse’s health and behaviour and the rider’s individual characteristics. According to her, a connection to horses and enjoying the learning process are the most important aspects of training.

CLICK HERE to visit Horse Class

four of the best blogs

Four of the Best Blogs – The Economical Equestrian

Catherine runs The Economical Equestrian, whose biggest passion is saving money on horses! Through her unique horse blog, Catherine aims to help fellow horse owners and riders live a more fulfilling life while still being able to afford their hobbies.

Blog topics include budgeting, starting a business, lifestyle and riding tips, and horse care. Whether it’s repairing your stable or starting a side hustle, Catherine’s money-saving ideas are endless!

As long as you are prepared to work, Catherine believes everyone can achieve financial stability with horses. It has been more than 24 years since she started riding English and competing in dressage, hunter/jumper, and eventing disciplines. Reading her articles makes you want to learn more about horses, and she passionately writes about the subject!

CLICK HERE to visit The Economical Equestrian

Four of the Best Blogs – This Esme

There are over half a million subscribers to This Esme, making it one of the most popular horse vlogs out there! With 130 million lifetime views, Esme’s YouTube channel currently has 130 million subscribers.

Besides Casper, the Connemara and Mickey the Cream Pony, Esme’s barn vlog also features her three donkeys and occasionally her guinea pigs. Video tutorials for beginners and daily routines at the barn, horse care, and riding are some topics she covers in her videos. She has millions of views on some of her most popular videos!

CLICK HERE to visit This Esme’s YouTube Channel

Four of the Best Blogs – Anna Blake

In her unconventional horse blog “Relaxed and Forward,” Anna Blake discusses philosophical topics related to horse-human interactions. An award-winning author, trainer, international clinician, and passionate horse advocate, she is a passionate horse advocate. Her popular book ‘Horse Woman;’ is available on Amazon.

Anna believes affirmative training is about understanding the horse whenever she works with horses. In her clinics and classes, Anna teaches students about horse-centered training, applying the natural language of horses, and how to make your horse or pony feel totally safe.

She teaches horses and riders how to perform relaxed and forward gaits with balance and responsiveness in her training program, Relaxed & Forward Dressage. In her blog posts, she integrates much of her equestrian philosophy.

CLICK HERE to visit Anna Blake’s blog


After visiting these blogs, you will see that these people are highly experienced and capable of communicating with horse owners and riders of all levels. There are many blogs by good people, but we believe that these are four of the best blogs available.


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