Here are some podcasts in relation to the blog posts that we have generated. They are a summary of the relevant blog. If it peaks your interest, simply click on the link entitled 'see blog post'. As a result, you could gain valuable information and insights and reduce your vet bills without reducing the love and care that you give to your pet.


Dog Blogs

For The Love of Dogs – a Petsitting Business

Adopting a Dog in 2023

The Unseen Impact of Neutering a Dog

Anxiety in Dogs

Successfully Introducing a New Dog to Other Pets

Top Ten Toxic Foods Your Dog Might Consume

How to Exercise Your Dog or Puppy

How to Find The Perfect Family Dog

Dog Breeders – Licensed v Unlicensed

Dog Breeders – Licensed v Unlicensed

Cat Blogs

Adopting a Cat – 12 Necessary Requisites

Do’s and Dont’s of Giving Cats Human Food

Avian Flu - A Devastating Virus

12 Toxic Plants for Cats to Avoid

10 Warning Signs When Introducing a New Cat to Your Home

12 Tips on how to Teach your Bird to Talk

Cage and Aviary Blogs

6 Easy Cage birds to Keep as Pets

Keeping Cage birds as Pets

5 Tips for Good Birdkeeping

Cage Bird Diseases - Common Ailments Explained

Poultry Blogs

Chicken FAQs

ACV, Diatom, Poultry Shield

Choosing Healthy Hens

Keeping Chickens - Rules and Regs

Introducing a New Hen to your Flock

A Beginners Guide to Hatching Eggs

Horses Blogs

The Excitement and Attraction of Owning a Horse or Pony

Owning a Horse or Pony FAQs

Reptiles Blogs

6 Easy Reptiles for Beginners

UK Laws re Keeping Reptiles

Keeping Spiders as Pets

Understanding The Ferguson Zone

Wildlife Blogs

Creating a Stunning Wildflower Garden

The Secret Life of Britain's Otters

The UK's Wild Deer Population

All About The Badger

The Awful Dangers Hedgehogs Face

The Devastating Decline of British Wildlife

Natural World Blogs

The Fabulous Honey Bee - Why Are we Killing Them?

The Incredible Dandelion - Benefits and Uses

The Mighty Ants - Friend or Foe?

The Guide to Foraging



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