Choosing a Suitable Breed of Chicken – 6 of the Best

A Suitable Breed of Chicken – Introduction

Keeping chickens has become a popular trend amongst urban dwellers who want to enjoy fresh eggs, organic meat, and the fun of having a flock of feathered friends. But choosing a suitable breed of chicken is crucial to achieving your desired outcome. It is essential to select an appropriate breed based on the purpose of the flock, the local weather conditions, and the space you have available.

Different types of hens are used to produce eggs in the egg industry. The most common types are purebred, hybrid, and ex-battery hens. Each type, breed or species has its own pros and cons, which we will go through in more detail in this article.

A Suitable Breed of Chicken – Purebred Hens

Purebred hens are chickens that have been bred for their specific traits. These traits can include egg production, size, and even colour. Purebred hens are often more expensive than hybrid or ex-battery hens because they are harder to breed and require more care. However, they are also known to be more reliable egg layers and can produce a higher yield than other types of hens.

One of the downsides of purebred hens is that they can be more prone to health issues. Because they have been bred to produce a specific trait, they can be more susceptible to certain diseases or conditions. Additionally, they may not be as cost-effective for large-scale egg production because they are more expensive to purchase.

Hybrid hens are a cross between two or more breeds of chickens. They are often sought after because they are highly efficient egg producers and can consistently lay eggs for a more extended period of time than purebred hens. They are also more cost-effective than purebred hens, making them popular for commercial egg producers.

A Suitable Breed of Chicken – Hybrid Hens

Despite their efficiency, hybrid hens can be more prone to health issues than purebred hens. Because they are a hybrid of different breeds, they may not withstand the same environmental or nutritional conditions as purebred hens. Additionally, they may not be as sturdy or strong as other types of hens because they have been bred for egg production.

Ex-battery hens are chickens that have been rescued from commercial egg farms. They are often kept in small, cramped cages and are forced to lay eggs at an extremely high rate. Because of this, they are often in poor health when they are rescued and require extensive care and attention.

a suitable breed of chicken

One of the benefits of ex-battery hens is that they are often extraordinarily docile and easy to care for. They are also known to be good egg layers, although their productivity may decline over time. However, because they have been subjected to inhumane conditions in commercial egg farms, they may require more care and attention than other types of hens.

A Suitable Breed of Chicken – The Purpose

One of the most important factors to take into account when choosing a chicken breed is the purpose of the flock. Are you looking to raise chickens for meat, eggs or both? If you mainly want to raise chickens for their meat, you may want to consider breeds like Cornish Cross or Freedom Ranger, which are ideal for meat production. Alternatively, breeds like Leghorn or Rhode Island Red are some of the best choices if you want to raise chickens for eggs. Finally, breeds like Sussex, Plymouth Rock or Wyandotte can produce both meat and eggs.

The local weather conditions and the environment also play a vital role in selecting chicken breeds. In extremely cold climates, species like Brahmas or Cochins are better suited as they have thick feathering and are more resistant to low temperatures. In warmer regions or hot summers, breeds like Leghorns or some Mediterranean breeds like Ancona or Minorca do best.

The space available also determines the size and number of chickens you can keep. For example, a larger breed like the Light Sussex, Australorp or Cochin may be suitable if you have a large open area. But if you have a smaller area, the bantam breeds like the Silkie, Serama or Pekin are better options. This is because they require lesser space but still provide enough eggs for a small family.

Another important consideration is to look for low-maintenance and easy-to-manage breeds. For example, species that are friendly and non-aggressive towards humans, like Buff Orpingtons or Rhode Island Reds, are suitable for backyard flocks. Similarly, breeds that are good foragers, such as Plymouth Rocks or Easter Eggers, do not need much feeding as they can find their own food.

A Suitable Breed of Hen – 6 of the Best

Here are six of the best egg-laying chicken breeds commonly found in the UK, along with some explanations:

Rhode Island Red: This breed is an excellent choice for egg production, laying large brown eggs regularly. They are also hardy and adaptable to different environments, making them a popular choice for backyard flocks.

Sussex:  Another breed known for its consistent egg production, Sussex chickens lay large brown eggs and are also known for their extremely docile and friendly personalities.

Leghorn: This breed is a popular choice for commercial egg production due to its ability to consistently lay large numbers of white eggs. They are also known for being active and alert birds.

a suitable breed of chicken

Plymouth Rock: This breed is a great all-around choice for backyard flocks, as they are good egg layers (producing large brown eggs), hardy, and friendly. They are also known for their distinctive black-and-white striped feathers.

Orpington: These chickens are known for their docile and friendly personalities and ability to lay large brown eggs. They also have a unique fluffy appearance due to their thick feathers.

Marans: This breed is known for laying eggs with deep brown shells, which some egg lovers really enjoy. They are also hardy and adaptable birds, making them a good choice for backyard flocks.

These breeds are all good choices for egg production, but it’s important to remember that individual chickens within a breed can vary in their egg-laying abilities. In addition, other factors, such as diet, housing conditions, and the age of the hens, can also affect egg production.

a suitable breed of chicken

A Suitable Breed of Chicken – Summary

In conclusion, choosing the right breed of chicken is critical in determining the success of your flock. Consider factors like the purpose, environment, space, and maintenance levels before deciding. It is also advisable to research more about the breeds you are interested in before deciding on a specific one. Doing so can ensure your flock stays healthy, happy, and productive.

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